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We build the living spaces of your dreams

Do you need help remodeling your bedroom or living room into a space you love coming home to?

Let Remodrn remodel your bedroom or living room into a space you love. We are a Pensacola, FL modern home remodeling company that transforms outdated rooms into timeless and beautiful spaces that you love. 

What We Offer

Transform your bedroom/living space into a room that you love.

We remodel bedrooms and living rooms. We transform old rooms into beautiful new spaces that you love. We consider design and construction  and answer questions such as who is it for? What is your style? What do you like? Will this need additional features for children or seniors? These answers are important to transform you space.. Lastly, we are considerate of your budget. We work with  clients to provide the rooms of their dreams within their budget.

Living Room/Bedroom Remodel

Bedroom / Living Room Construction 

  •  Room Addition – From the framing to finishing touches, we are able to not only renovate, but can add on your room where needed.
  • Framing/Wall Removal– We can frame in your new room or remove walls to add space.  Add space, subtract space – it’s all part of the project
  • Dry Wall – Where new walls are needed, we handle the dry wall installation and mudding
  • Floor installation – Part of a great new room is a great new floor. Whether you are doing hardwood, engineered laminate or floating floors, we can lay the floor for you
  • Window/Door Installation – Old houses often have old windows/doors. We help replace and install your new window and fit in like new from the inside and outside. We also install or replace doors within your new room.
  • Lighting – We can install your new lighting or replace existing lights, whether its a chandelier,  flush mount or recessed lighting
  • Pocket Doors – Pocket doors are great way of add extra privacy if you have bathrooms attached to your room. We can install these for you
  • Shelving/Closets – We can build out new closet space into your bedroom to your needs and specifications.
  • Painting – We paint the bathroom and make sure its moisture proof
  • Fireplace Updating – If you have an old and ugly fireplace, we can help you update this to something that fits well within the room. We can transform fireplaces from eyesores to the centerpiece of the room.

Bedroom/Living Room Design Services

  • Vision Casting – We can help when you are uncertain what to do with your room, but know you want it transformed and remodeled. We work with you to get to know your style and suggest ideas to make the space fit you.
  • Floor Selection – We can help you find a floor that you love in style and budget, AND work within the rest of the house.
  • Windows – We can suggest new window and placement for better lighting and a better space
  • Lighting –  Not sure what light would work within your room? By understanding the space and design we can help you select the perfect type of lighting
  • Wall color – We can help you pick the perfect color that integrates well with your floor, lighting and overall theme of your house
  • Organization/Closet Space – Organization and storage is necessary for functionality. We can suggest possible closet and storage space for you to help keep a minimal and clean room
Living Room/Bedroom Remodel